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My purpose - Reconnecting people, teams and organizations to what's essential now so that we create more meaning at work and in life.

Hi, my name is Kamil. I am an entrepreneur, innovation facilitator, agile coach, and teacher-in-training for leadership with emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness at Search Inside Yourself. My focus is on creating transformational experiences by using agile methods, emotional agility, and startup cooperation.

I mainly work with teams that develop innovative products and with people who create startup and innovation ecosystems in which these teams can thrive. Together we test new ideas in a few days using prototypes. Then we adapt the ideas through feedback in such a way that they fit the team and the organization and solve real problems for customers and society.

Currently, I dedicate 50% of my time to my entrepreneurial projects, like Walkbaboutyou, Purpose Exploration, Nowpow, or the German e-book for testing ideas; in the other 50% I pass on my experience, especially from my 5 years as the co-founder and managing director of MAK3it, to others.

Among my customers are startups from the TV show “Höhle der Löwen” (German version of Shark Tank), such as Koawach, the professional football community GoKixx, as well as the products Dreamguard (Dräger) and eParkomat (Deutsche Telekom). I have also developed and facilitated various innovation formats, workshops, and coachings for organizations such as Google, Bosch, Yello, World Food Programme, and Greator.

If you’d like to talk about projects and ideas feel free to contact me.

All the best and see you soon – yours Kamil.

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Kamil Barbarski

Kamil Barbarski

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