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I believe that being aware of how we function as humans, our inner software, is the greatest opportunity for real innovation and change.

Hi, my name is Kamil. As an entrepreneur, innovation facilitator, and agile coach I have experienced how real innovation fails. It was not so much about knowledge or motivation, but more about our inner mechanisms as humans.

People love their habits, no wonder that resistance to change is the biggest challenge when implementing agile methods (State of Agile Report, 2020). The corporate culture based on this is considered the biggest blocker of digitization (McKinsey Digital Survey, 2018) and 23% of all startups fail due to team problems (Top Reasons Startups Fail, 2019).

By now, most people realize that openness, collaboration, trial and error, and sometimes even failure, are necessary to enable innovation. However, it is difficult to integrate this into everyday life, because up to 90% of our behavior is determined by unconscious habits and emotions.

Emotional agility cultivates the awareness of these inner processes and the openness to change them (Capgemini, Emotional Intelligence Report, 2019). It makes emotions and habits visible, gives them a language in the environment of innovation and cultivates orientation based on values. In combination with agile methods and entrepreneurship, an agile mindset and a healthy culture for innovation, technology, and progress can be created.

My work is based on my experience in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and mindfulness at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute as well as my own projects like Start One Thing, Walkaboutyou, and Purpose Exploration. As the founder of MAK3it and freelance consultant, I have developed dozens of innovation initiatives and coached hundreds of teams, e.g. for Google, Telekom, Bosch, EON, and World Food Programme.

Currently, I am available for (virtual) keynotes, workshops and leadership roles. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn. If you are interested in an exchange, feel free to contact me

I am looking forward to it. Cheers, Kamil

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Kamil Barbarski

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